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1 Mayıs 2012 Salı

UEFA'ya Mail Organizasyonu


"Çakma Adalet Bekçisi" Galatasaray ve "Emek Hırsızı" Trabzonspor'un taraftarları gündemi değiştirmek ve süreç ile ilgili ağlamaya devam etmek için UEFA'ya mail göndermeye başlamışlardır.
12 Numara olarak, dün olduğu gibi bugün de, çakma adalet bekçileri ile emek hırsızları'nın karşısında dim dik duracağız. Ülke futbolunu bu tarz ucuz hareketlerle ayaklar altına alan kurumlarla ilgili ivedilikle bir organizasyon hazırladık.
Süreç ile ilgili 3 Temmuz'dan bu yana yaşanılanlara tepkili olan tüm taraftarlarımızı, aşağıda paylaştığımız metni ilgili maillere, twitter hesaplarına ve web sitelerindeki iletişim formlarına göndermelerini rica ediyoruz.
"Su uyur, düşman uyumaz" psikolojisi ile saldırmaya devam eden bu güruhlara yine BÜYÜK FENERBAHÇE TARAFTARI dur diyecektir.
İlgili Metin;
“Turkish teams sent to Disciplinary Committee in match-fixing case” clamored the headlines in Turkey on Monday, April 30, 2012.
There were reports that the Galatasaray and Trabzonspor fanatics wrote to the UEFA and cried foul. But not about the fact that they were both included among the 16 teams sent to the Disciplinary Committee. Instead, they, imitiating their clubs’ chairmen, whined about their rivals, Fenerbahçe, and accused them of match-fixing in the season Fenerbahçe closed out with 17 wins and a draw to edge Trabzonspor on head-to-head play, winning their 18th Turkish Superlig title since 1959.
This took place 4.5 months after UEFA president Platini said “There will only be an investigation of any match if something suspicious has come to the attention of the referee or the match observers.” with regard to Lyon’s 7-1 thrashing of Dinamo Zagreb on the road.
True. The match report by the referees and match observers did not show any wrongdoing in that contest. Yet, neither did the reports in any of the 18 matches between Fenerbahçe and their opponents.
The CAS statement by UEFA’s Pierre Cornu in November 2011 exposed the fact that TFF executives – now former - had mislead the UEFA when the Turkish federation banned Fenerbahçe from the lucrative Champions League on the grounds that the club did not have even a 1% chance of being not guilty.
It did not matter that the TFF executives committed a crime by “secretly” pre-judging a case upon which the judge had issued a complete gag order. No one was allowed to know about the contents of the indictment in the works. Yet still, the UEFA was lied to in order to take away the Turkish champions’ CL opportunity via extrajudicial punishment, costing the club over 40 million Euros and leading to the loss of several top players.
It did not matter that the eventual indictment turned out to be so hollow that anyone who read it could only laugh at the accusations that kept Fenerbahçe chairman Aziz Yıldırım in jail pending trial.
It did not matter that the Turkish rate of conviction for those jailed pending trial is only 46%, less than half of Europe’s, which is 95%, meaning in Turkey, more innocent people are punished than not.
It did not matter the man who had helped Turkish sports – not just football – rise to an unprecedented higher level was punished for his accomplishments. It did not matter that under his leadership, Fenerbahçe became the most successful company in Turkish sports, providing a model for all to use if only they chose to better themselves rather than try to destroy the man who made it all happen.
It did not matter that Yıldırım’s defense debunked every single accusation against him. Nor did it matter that there were no players, no coaches, no referees, no executives from other clubs jailed along with him. Had he committed match-fixing all by himself… with no second party involved? Was it imaginary? How was it possible?
It did not matter that nearly all Fenerbahçe supporters - 25 million in all - stood firm behind their club chairmen, seeing the injustice done to the man. Fans of other clubs, including Fenerbahçe’s biggest rivals, who were able to see what was transpiring, they did not matter, either.
None of the realities mattered but the lynch campaign conducted in the media against Yıldırım and Fenerbahçe with two clubs – Galatasaray and Trabzonspor – buried deep in the campaign’s execution.
Then came the new TFF chairman’s announcement on April 30, stating that the final TFF ethics committee report did not include any doubt of any wrongdoing for most clubs, be it match-fixing observed on the pitch or attempting to influence the outcome. However, the TFF board decided to send all of the teams involved in the indictment to the disciplinary board in order to give all of the clubs the chance for vindication via the judicial bodies of the TFF and not by an executive order.
Moreover, the financial expert report on Fenerbahçe Sports Club’s financial records recently presented to the court revealed no impropriety at all. None.
On the other hand, the testimonies of Sivasspor and Manisaspor chairmen include admissions of attempts by the Trabzonspor executives to influence the outcome of last season’s matches by offering money to play hard against Fenerbahçe.
The chairman and vice-chairman of Galatasaray, which currently has a 2-point advantage over Fenerbahçe in the race for the Turkish Superlig title, has been surprisingly instrumental in vocal accusations against Fenerbahçe in the media despite the fact that their club has just been involved in one of the most embarrassing matches ever, beating Trabzonspor 4-2 in a road match in which the Trabzon side showed no effort on the field and its goalkeeper made numerous amateurish mistakes right from the opening whistle, allowing the visitors to take an unconventional 3-0 lead at halftime in a match that appeared more like a friendly. All one has to do is to watch the video of the match to judge it for him/herself.
Should an investigation be opened under the sensitive conditions that currently prevail in the Turkish football world? Yes. Will it be? Of course not.
Nonetheless, the headlines keep focusing only on Fenerbahçe and its chairman, shamelessly misrepresenting the facts.
The Fenerbahçe Sports Club, Fenerbahçe community and Fenerbahçe fans have always welcomed and still want the exposition of all the facts in a fair investigation and a fair trial without unnecessary imprisonment of their executives, fully confident that in the end, not only Fenerbahçe will be vindicated, but wrongdoing by other clubs’ as well as some of the football and state authorities will be discovered and exposed.
And only then true cleansing of Turkish football will be possible.
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